August 2021 Announcements!

August is over, and September is well under way. Many people have headed back to school, have gotten a jump-start on the holidays (I may have already bought some Halloween decor…don’t judge), or are digging out their cold-weather wardrobe. While we’re looking ahead, let’s have a refresher on the announcements from August, mostly for titles coming out in February 2022!

Cross-Dressing Villainess Cecilia Sylvie (manga)
Original Story by Hiroro Akizakura
Art by Shino Akiyama
Character Design by Dangmill

Cecilia has been reincarnated as the villainess of a dating sim who is fated to die no matter the route. If she becomes a Shrine Maiden candidate (only girls are chosen), she’ll absolutely wind up dead. No question about it. To avoid this fate, Cecilia decides to cross-dress as a man…She will do whatever it takes to achieve a peaceful and carefree life, but if her guise ever slips, it’s game over! Based on the light novel by Hiroro Akizakura!

Nanami Minami Wants to Shine
Original Story by Yuki Yaku
Art by Bana Yoshida
Character Design by Fly

Everyone wants to shine, and high schooler Minami Nanami is no exception. One day, she reaches a turning point, and her mother introduces her to the modeling industry. There, she discovers a whole new world, but nothing is ever that simple…

The Fiancée Chosen by the Ring (manga)
Original Story by Jyun Hayase
Art by Yue Matsuyuki
Character Design by Yasuyuki Torikai

Noblewoman Aurora has a deep love…for embroidery! Even during fancy dinner parties, she’s usually more interested in admiring the gowns of the ladies than trying to win the affections of men. But at one such party, her peaceful night is shattered by a single mysterious ring…

The Wolf Never Sleeps (manga)
Story by Shien BIS
Art by Gonbe Shinkawa
Character Design by Taga Kiichi

Seeking strength and glory, the adventurer Lecan challenges monster and maze alike. Until one day, he finds a mysterious black hole…leading to another world! But even there, the path of the “One-Eyed Wolf” remains unchanged. The only question is—can he survive this new world?

Run on Your New Legs
Story & Art by Wataru Midori

After the loss of his left leg, Kikuzato’s dream of becoming the ace striker on the high school soccer team comes to an end…permanently. But endings are always followed by beginnings—and so, with a prosthetic leg, Kikuzato finds a new dream. He’s going to become a track star and win gold at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics! A sixty-meter race in Shibuya is only the first step…

Catch These Hands!
Story & Art by murata

One day, Takebe, a former delinquent trying to leave that part of her past behind for good, runs into her high school rival, Soramori. The two fight for the first time in years and, being desperately out of practice, Takebe loses—leaving her no choice but to accept Soramori’s request to start dating her…?!

Mizuno & Chayama
Story & Art by Yuhta Nishio

In a small town where water and tea are the residents’ livelihood, tensions are rising between a major tea company and the opposition party, who insist the company is polluting the water. Mizuno, whose father is the leader of the opposition party, and Chayama, the only daughter of the tea company’s owners, aren’t allowed to talk to each other—but even so, they continue to meet in secret…

The Holy Grail of Eris (light novel)
Story by Kujira Tokiwa
Illustration by Yuunagi

Connie is a young noblewoman whose only standout quality is her sincerity. Maybe that’s why she loses her fiancée and gets framed for a crime in the span of one night. Just as all hope seems lost, the ghost of an infamous villainess who was executed years ago possesses her and clears her name. With her incomparable charisma and intelligence, the spirit of Scarlet Castiel turns the tables in the blink of an eye. In return, Connie insists that she help uncover the truth surrounding her new benefactor’s untimely death and a conspiracy that continues to this very day!

The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess (light novel)
Story by Kotei Kobayashi
Illustration by riichu

Shut-in vampire Terakomari, or Komari for short, awakens from her slumber to find she’s been promoted to a commander of the army! The thing is, though, her new squad has a reputation for being violently insubordinate. And although Komari was born to a prestigious vampire family, her hatred of blood has made her the picture of mediocrity—scrawny, uncoordinated, and inept at magic. With the odds stacked against her, will the help of her trusty maid be enough for this recluse to blunder her way to success?

Warlords of Sigrdrifa Rusalka
Story by Tappei Nagatsuki
Illustration by Takuya Fujima
Character Design by WAR WINGS CLUB

The arrival of mysterious invaders known only as the Pillars threatens to wipe out all of civilization. Humanity’s last hope rests in the hands of the Valkyries, young women bequeathed with supernatural aircrafts by the god Odin to send the Pillars back whence they came! A sky-high fantasy from the author of Re:Zero

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (novel)
Story by Seiko Tanabe

Unable to get around without a wheelchair, doll-like Josee leads a solitary, housebound existence. But when she meets her new live-in caretaker, a recent college graduate named Tsuneo, everything in her life is upended. Josee, the Tiger and the Fish depicts the fragile, strangely erotic relationship that blossoms between these two young people. In addition to the title story, this collection also includes seven short tales centering on working women and the myriad of loves and partings throughout their lives.  

Bungo Stray Dogs: Woof! (manga)
Original Story by Kafka Asagiri
Art by Neco Kanai
Character Design by Sango Harukawa

From the pages of Bungo Stray Dogs comes a new series about the peaceful everyday lives of the cast…only now the Armed Detective Agency and Mafia characters are mini?! This cozy gag manga about the cute adventures of Atsushi and crew brings a different charm from the original!

Goblin Slayer Tabletop Roleplaying Game
Adaptation by Tadaaki Kawahito and Group SNE
Story by Kumo Kagyu
Character Design by Noboru Kannatuski
Editorial Supervison by Jun Yasuda.

The Adventurers Guild has a long list of quests for you and your party: rescuing young maidens from ritual sacrifice, quashing a heretical ceremony in ancient ruins, and locating lost treasures within a crypt teeming with skeletons and specters! In this tabletop RPG set in the world of the Goblin Slayer series, you’ll find faithful reproductions of the various races and classes taken straight from the novels.

In addition to these February 2022 releases, we announced that we will be simulpublishing the Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon manga!

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon
Art by Kunieda
Original Story by Hirukuma
Character Design by Hagure Yuuki

After dying in a traffic accident, I find myself standing near an unfamiliar lake. My body won’t move, I can’t hear my voice, and when I try to shout in confusion, words that I never expected come out! I-it seems I’ve turned into a vending machine… How am I going to survive some fantasy world’s dungeon like this?!

August was really full of great news…here’s looking forward to September, and all the goodies that autumn will bring!


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