We may see Xbox Series X restock Sunday – get in-stock alerts for when and where Xbox Series X restock

The next Xbox Series X restock date could be tonight, Sunday, May 9, according to Xbox restock tracker Matt Swider, who will send you alerts when it's back in stock – if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications. Why Sunday? We've seen the official Microsoft Xbox store restock the Xbox Series X two weeks in a row at this exact time on Sunday night into Monday morning: at 12am EDT / 9pm PDT. 

So, on Sunday night, right before you go to sleep for the new workweek, if Microsoft goes three-for-three with its in-stock dates, you may see Matt send an Xbox Series X restock Twitter alert. He's also tracking the Microsoft console at 11 additional stores around the US, including Target, Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy.

Click on this alert to follow Matt Swider's account. It's an example of the second wave of the Xbox Series X restock notification sent last Sunday night / Monday morning. Look for that tonight.

Xbox Series X restock

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How to buy the Xbox Series X from Microsoft tonight

When will Microsoft restock the Xbox Series X? We're going to suggest being by your phone or computer tonight, Sunday, May 9, at 11:59pm EDT / 8:59pm PDT. While we think it'll actually happen at midnight, since that's technically Monday, we want to be as clear in our advice as possible and avoid any confusion around when you'll be able to buy the Xbox Series X. It's Sunday night before you go to sleep for Monday.

What to do: You should keep trying to buy it for at least 30 minutes from the Microsoft store – with a lot of refreshing even if it says out of stock. Why? Thousands of people will be trying to make the purchase of the Microsoft console, and many will either fail to add their credit card details properly or bail on buying it (a lot of people just like to see if they can buy it). After a few minutes (roughly 15 minutes), that inventory will kick back into the Microsoft store system and be available to buy again. That's our best tip: don't give up on trying to buy the Xbox Series X.

What not to do: Most people see the initial Xbox Series X restock Twitter alert from Matt Swider at midnight, and they immediately go to the Xbox website to buy it only to see the add-to-cart button say 'Out of stock'. Frustrated, they reply to Matt with a message like 'Out of stock' or 'It's gone'. However, what they should be doing is sticking to the Microsoft website and constantly refreshing the page.

Other Xbox Series X restock alerts

Matt has been sending Xbox Series X restock alerts for all retailers in the US. We think that in addition to the Microsoft restock on May 9, we may see Walmart Thursday, May 13 at 2:30pm, although that's not confirmed just yet (we usually know from our Walmart restock sources at 12pm EDT on Thursdays). 

There's also a chance that an Xbox Series X Best Buy restock for this week, while Target is always a possibility. The good news there is we often know if there's a Target Xbox Series X restock ahead of time.

Xbox Series X restock matt swider

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How sure is the Xbox Series X restock today?

We'd give it a 75% chance of happening simply because Microsoft has launched new Xbox Series X stock at this time two weeks in a row. Retailers tend to follow patterns – unless, of course, they don't have inventory. That's where the 25% comes into play. 

The one thing that makes us wary is that there was another Xbox Series X restock on Thursday, May 6 from Microsoft, right after the Walmart and Best Buy surprise restocks.

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Granted, this was a smaller mid-week Xbox restock, but the Series X was available to purchase, according to a lot of Matt Swider's followers. So the question remains: does Microsoft have enough inventory of the new Xbox for a Sunday restock? We await that answer in a few hours.


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