The best TV for your PS5 – meet the Bravia A80J Bravia A80J

When it comes to the latest generation of gaming, the PlayStation 5 packs an incredible amount of power to make games stand out like they’ve never before. Of course, to truly harness the power of what the PS5 can do, you’ll need a good TV to go along with it. The Sony Bravia A80J is the perfect match for your PS5, and features some incredible technology to make your games look and sound like never before. This is gaming like you’ve never experienced before, on the world’s first Cognitive Intelligence TV.

Unmatched 4k clarity

Thanks to the Bravia A80J’s new Cognitive Processor XR, you can enjoy crisp details and vivid colors in all of your games. It can also analyse hundreds of pieces of information on screen – the same way our brains do – to piece together the best picture possible.

To truly harness the power of the PS5 and the fluidity at which games can be played at, you’ll want to be gaming at the highest possible frame rate. Up to now, conventional TVs have been able to play games at only 1080p resolutions at 60 or 120 frames per second. To really enjoy the beauty of most modern games, you have to experience them in stunning 4k resolution. The problem with running games at 4k on standard TVs is that the framerates drop considerably, which makes for a less than satisfying gaming experience.

On the Bravia A80J however, you can continue to enjoy your games at 4k resolution while still running at a smooth 120fps. What’s more, the Bravia A80J also supports Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode for the best framerates in supported games, so that you’re never missing out on any of the action. HDMI 2.1 support ensures that there’s less lag while you’re playing, along with the A80J’s dedicated Game mode.

Feel like you’re in the game

Audio is just as important as graphics while gaming, and here too the Bravia A80J excels. For an audio experience that matches how we sense the world, XR Sound Position brings you the reality of sound behind the picture. As the screen is the speaker, sound matches precisely with what’s on the screen for a truly immersive experience. You’ll hear a more realistic soundtrack to all your games – whether it’s the distance footsteps of an enemy approaching or the tranquil soundtrack as you explore a mysterious jungle, you can enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience from the comfort of your couch.

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