Get 60GB of data for just £11 a month with this cheap Vodafone SIM only deal SIM only deals

When going for big data SIM only deals, you often have to end up spending a lot to get them. However, a couple of offers from the retailer help to combat this issue. can currently get you 60GB of data for just £11 a month on the Vodafone network. While that alone would make this a pretty excellent offer, it does actually get better. is also throwing cashback in with this tariff. You can choose to take £90 in cashback, bringing your bills down to just £11 a month but having to claim this cashback back in five instalments across 18 months.

Or, you can cut your cashback right down to £30. While that is a lot less, you don't need to do anything to get it. You'll simply receive the full value within 38 days of getting your phone.

Vodafone SIM only deals: save with cashback

Vodafone SIM only deal from | 12-month contract | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £16pm + £90 cashback by redemption
The better price of the two deals, this plan effectively brings your bills all the way down to just £11 a month. While you will pay £16 each month, you’ll receive £18 in your 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 18th months of your contract. That effective £11 is a pretty incredible price for this much data.

Vodafone SIM only deal from | 12-month contract | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £16pm + £30 Automatic cashback
While the above will get you an excellent price, it does require quite a bit of work from your end. With this option, it brings your cashback down to just £30 but you will get that full value in one payment after signing up. That will effectively get your costs down to £14.33 which is still a great saving.

What are the benefits of being on Vodafone?

There are a few benefits to being in a contract with Vodafone, but the most obvious is its use of VeryMe. This is a rewards app that comes with Vodafone, allowing you to receive free coffees, get discounted film tickets, enter competitions and more.

On top of that, Vodafone offers the ability to roam in 48 EU countries and over 104 other destinations (with a small extra cost). And with all Vodafone SIM and mobile plans, you'll be getting access to both 4G and 5G depending on which phone you use.


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