Best security accessories for students in 2021 The best security accessories for students will ensure the safety of both your kids and their valuables.

Put your mind at ease with the best security accessories for students. After all, it can be a scary world. From unknown strangers to bike theft and a plethora of other concerns, there are plenty of hazards your kids can encounter. But, with the right tools, you can help them protect themselves and their stuff.

These days, the best security accessories for students cover not just the physical world, but the digital one as well. For instance, the best laptops are perfect machines for students due to their lightweight and long battery life. However, they are easy to steal. Having a Kensington lock can keep someone from running off with that precious device. 

If your child is using one of the best Chromebooks, which are great because of their affordability and portability, you can limit how they’re used to protect your kid from the dark corners of the internet.

No matter if your child is in middle school, high school, or away at college, the best security accessories for students will help keep them safe (and their property,too). We’ve gathered our top picks here to let you rest easy, from various types of locks to pepper spray and beyond.

The STM Goods Myth Pack it tough enough to withstand scratches and slashes.

(Image credit: STM Goods)

1. STM Goods Myth Pack

All around protection

Not only is STM Good’s sartorial backpack made of a polyester material that’s tough enough to withstand scratches and slashes, but it comes with a layer of impact protection that swaddles laptops like a baby. Complete with corner and bottom padding. There’s also a cable passthrough whole so you can keep your phone safe from prying hands while still having access to your music. Finally, it has water repellent C6DWR coating and reverse coil zippers to keep water and moisture out.

The Sabre-Red Pepper Spray a quick release for hurriedly access it in emergencies

(Image credit: Sabre-Red)

2. Sabre-Red Pepper Spray

Give yourself a chance to escape

Having a small can of pepper spray can give your student an edge against any attackers. This one has a keychain with a quick release so students can hurriedly access it in emergencies. It helps give you some peace of mind if your student has to make a long walk to get to school. There are four color options to choose from.

The She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm is easy to use and loud.

(Image credit: She’s Birdie)

3. She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

Get help

One of the best ways to escape would-be attackers is to get people’s attention and help, and this pocket-sized alarm from She’s Birdie is an easy and efficient way to do so. You can hook it up to your keychain so you have it with you at all times, and it’s so easy to trigger – just pull the pin. It’s also very loud, enough for your dorm room neighbors to hear. Sounding the alarm has never been this easy or stylish.

The Via Velo U Bike Lock will help secure your student's bike better.

(Image credit: Via Velo)

4. Via Velo U Bike Lock

Keep you bike or scooter safe

I don't know how many bikes got stolen from my school bike rack over the years. But it always made me grateful that I had a reliable lock protecting my ride. This one comes with both a U lock and cable to help secure your student's bike better. You can unlock it using one of the two keys that comes with it. It even comes with a mount so you can easily attach the lock to the bike when not in use.

The Anker Super Bright Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight boasts 900 lumens of power and up to 6 hours of battery life.

(Image credit: Anker)

5. Anker Super Bright Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable is where it’s at

No sense in spending money on batteries this back to school season when rechargeable flashlights abound. The Anker Super Bright Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight is not only a money-saver, but it’s impressively bright as well, giving you up to 900 lumens of light power for those nighttime walks around campus and power outages. There’s also up to 6 hours here when used at medium-beam mode, which means you’ll wait a while between charges.

The Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe boasts two live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges.

(Image credit: Amazon Basics)

6. Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

Keep your valuables safe

Sure, there are ways for criminals to break any security safe open, but having one is certainly loads better than just leaving your laptop, tablet, jewelry, and money lying around in your dorm room for anyone to easily pick up. Discourage thieves from walking away with your prized possessions, or at least make it a challenge for them, with this affordable safe that boasts two live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges.

The Desired Tools Padlock are easy to use and come in different colors

(Image credit: Desired Tools)

7. Desired Tools Padlock

Whether your student needs a lock for their main locker or for protecting their things while at the gym, a padlock can come in handy. I love these locks cause they are easier to use than the ones that rotate back and forth, but they provide just as much security. This particular lock is available in five different colors so you can choose the look you like best.

The Tile Mate (2020) is easy to set up and use, as well as affordable for students.

(Image credit: Tile)

8. Tile Mate (2020)

Keep track of all your valuables

Forget Apple’s AirTags – the original portable tracker, Tile, is still king when it comes to keeping track of your valuables. The Mate, specifically, is easy to set up and use – not to mention, more affordable for students – with a nifty Tile Network that can help find your lost valuables for you long after you’ve grieved their loss. You can even use it to find your phone, and unlike the AirTags, which force you to buy a separate keyring, you can simply hang it anywhere, no accessories needed.

Addalock allows you to lock your dorm room more securely.

(Image credit: Addalock)

9. Addalock

No one wants to think about these things, but should your student's school be in lockdown this portable door lock will be helpful. It's easy to install and allows your student to lock a room more securely. You simply hold the metal in place, shut the door, and slide the latch bolt into a hole on the Addalock. It's also an excellent item for college students who might feel unsafe in their dorms or apartments.

Secure your important files with a 1Password subscription.

(Image credit: 1Password)

10. 1Password subscription

With a 1Password subscription, your student only has to remember one password instead of the many different ones they'll need for school. You can pay $3 a month for an individual subscription or $5 a month for a family subscription. This software supports apps for Andriod, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Mac, and iOS.

The Kensington Lock for laptops secures a student's laptop to a desk or table.

(Image credit: Kensington Lock)

11. Kensington Lock for Laptops

For a student, a laptop is typically at the center of all assignments. They'll use it to write papers, conduct research, and communicate with their teachers. The last thing you want is for this expensive device to get stolen. That's where the Kensington Lock comes in. It's compatible with any device that features a Kensington Security Slot. Use it to secure your student's laptop, desktop, TVs, or monitors to a desk or table. It has a 4-number combination that you can reset to any digits of your choosing.

Safety first

Several products can help protect your child and their belongings while they're at school. To get the best security accessories for your student, you'll want to evaluate your child's daily routine and purchase security accessories that are best suited to it. If your child has a long walk in the mornings, you'll want something that they can protect themselves with. If they are carrying expensive instruments, computers, or art supplies to school each day it helps to have something to lock up their supplies or track them should they go missing.

Students always need backpacks to carry school supplies. These days that tends to include laptops and other expensive belongings. Because of this, we recommend this XDesign Anti-Theft Backpack. The design makes it harder to open than most backpacks, so thieves can't get to the dedicated laptop section as easily. It also happens to have a hidden pocket for storing electronics or other expensive gear.

If you're concerned about your student's safety, you should consider the Vigilant Personal Alarm. The small design makes it easy for your student to store either inside their bag or clipped to the exterior. At the press of a button, it sounds a loud alarm to frighten would-be attackers away. Best of all, it can only be turned off by pressing a hidden button. Should the battery run out, it can still be used as a whistle. If you're more concerned about your student's belongings getting stolen or going missing, you might want to invest in the Tile Sport. You can clip it to several school items whether that be a backpack, trumpet case, art portfolio, or bike. Should that item go missing, you can use the included app to locate it on a map.


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