What Ghostwire: Tokyo’s New Trailer Reveals About Its Story

The newest trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo, unveiled during the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase, reveals some new story details. Ghostwire: Tokyo is the latest title from Tango Gameworks, best known for the terrifying Evil Within series, and the game seems to capture the horror aesthetic of that series while mixing in a more action-oriented gameplay style.

Information about Ghostwire: Tokyo’s setting and plot has been relatively scarce since its announcement back in 2019. The first cinematic trailer focused on the mysterious disappearance of Tokyo’s citizens and a protagonist facing off against occult forces. Before Ghostwire: Tokyo was delayed to 2022, a gameplay trailer placed heavy focus on how the protagonist would use Elemental powers to defeat these enemies. Some small story details were revealed in the trailer as well, with a voice claiming the protagonist could see and hear threats others could not and asking them to save Tokyo.

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The new Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer begins with the protagonist, now known to be named Akito, awakening in the famous Shibuya Crossing in the midst of the cataclysmic event that caused 99% of Tokyo’s population to disappear. The event occurred due to a mysterious fog that descended upon Japan’s capital, unleashed by the demon-masked antagonist, Hannya.

Hannya seems to be the force behind the game’s Japanese folklore-inspired monsters called The Visitors, and he also leads a group of followers called the Faceless that live to serve his nefarious purposes. In the trailer, the antagonist claims “the world is on the precipice of transformation,” and his actions seem to be centered on igniting this transformation through supernatural dominance. The new footage also shows Hannya has kidnapped Akito’s sister, which makes the protagonist’s mission to defeat the villain all the more personal.

The trailer for the timed PS5 console exclusive also reveals the source of Akito’s Elemental powers: Akito has been partially possessed by a spirit of some sort, which he is able to work with in order to harness his new powers. It appears Akito’s bonding with the spirit also allows him to resist the effects of the deadly fog. While these are the most clear details about Ghostwire: Tokyo’s story so far, fans of Tango Gameworks’ previous work should have plenty of strange and interesting things to look forward to in its full release.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo will launch on PS5 and PC in spring 2022.

Source: Tango Gameworks


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