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V Rising is an open-world survival game that allows players to fulfill their vampire fantasies, and the game is now accepting sign-ups for its beta. Developed by Stunlock Studios, players will begin their journeys as weakened vampires and feast on nearby villages to regain their strength. Player characters will inhabit a world with other vampires in an MMO-styled setting, climbing the food chain to obtain dominance in PvE and PvP activities.

Vampires are popular supernatural characters in many forms of entertainment media, frequently appearing in television shows, movies, and even video games. V Rising is a unique take, veering away from expectations set by larger franchises like Castlevania’s video game series. Many games have offered unique interpretations of Vampires, including Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Vampyr, and Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

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Stunlock Studios’ V Rising website offers the option to sign up for the game’s beta list. Applicants will be required to give their email address, which will notify them of their Beta access. Players can also sign up for Stunlock Studios’ newsletter, which will provide additional information about its projects and V Rising. A reveal trailer and gameplay trailer have already been released for the project, which shows promising footage of vampires exploring a gothic, fantasy realm of monsters and men.

Little information about V Rising’s release date has been announced so far, and Stunlock hasn’t provided any concrete date for the upcoming beta, either. However, interested players should keep an eye on their emails and Stunlock’s social media accounts after signing up, as V Rising updates will release as the year continues. V Rising’s beta is planned to launch in late 2021 and could likely join the slew of games releasing during the 2021 holiday window. The competition will be tight as the year continues, with titles like Far Cry 6, Battlefield 2042, and Halo: Infinite capturing the attention of many gamers in the market.

Content creators also have an opportunity to obtain V Rising through Stunlock’s Content Creator and Streamer Program. Creators need to supply their email, YouTube or Twitch channel URL, Subscriber or Follower counts, Discord URLs, and social media accounts. Stunlock’s process of choosing content creators and streaming partners is unknown but lucrative, and well-known gamers are historically more likely to receive a copy of V Rising’s Beta (and perhaps a copy of the game itself). Promoting titles on platforms like YouTube and Twitch is an integral part of modern video game launches, giving the game and developers a direct advertisement toward target audiences.

V Rising is a unique experience that allows players to explore the ruthless nature of vampiric monsters, ensuring their monster rises above all others. Not many games allow players to become villains, which will undoubtedly set V Rising apart from other titles in the market. Stunlock Studios has released no information on V Rising’s release window, but the game is featured on its Steam page, confirming its presence on PC.

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