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Getting the best weapons possible in the co-op RPG Mitrasphere is important to a player’s success in the gacha game. Technically, Mitrasphere has been around since 2017, but it was previously only available in Japanese. Now, Crunchyroll, the company best known for streaming anime, has published this game for western audiences.

In Mitrasphere, a character’s power comes from the weapons and equipment players can unlock in the game. Strategy is important, but having the proper gear helps. A major part of the game is playing with others, so it’s important to have the best gear possible to tackle the larger challenges. Here are the best weapons in Mitrasphere and how players can go about unlocking them.

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Mitrasphere is a free-to-play game that includes microtransactions. Like other gacha games such as Genshin Impact, the easiest way to get the best weapons in Mitrasphere is to spend real money. However, since not everyone wants or has the means to do that, it is possible to get these weapons through playing the game. Players get free gacha pulls each day and can get more pulls from spending Sea Crystals which can be earned through gameplay, or by spending money.

There are five classes to choose from in Mitrasphere, and many of the classes use different weapons. Since luck is involved with getting weapons and equipment, players will get a high-quality weapon eventually, but it might not be the one they want. It may take considerable time and effort to access every piece of equipment they want without spending money. Gacha is technically a form of gambling, so players will want to be careful.

When looking for the best weapons, players will want those with four stars, as they are of the highest quality. They have a purple background and are classified as legendary. Here are the best weapons for each of the five classes in Mitrasphere.


  • Stone Edge
  • Bronze Sword
  • Steel Blade
  • Earth Edge
  • Woodeater
  • Crystaleater
  • Mitra Claymore
  • Mythril Blade
  • Dark Impulse
  • Holy Buster


  • Bronze Baton
  • Steel Stick
  • Holy Zhezl
  • Earth Rod
  • Stone Rod
  • Dark Cane
  • Crystal Wand
  • Mythril Baton
  • Mitra Scepter


  • Wooden Stake
  • Bronze Spatha
  • Steel Falchion
  • Mythril Cutlass
  • Crystal Clod
  • Mitra Knight’s Spada
  • Dark Fang
  • Holy Spine


  • Wooden Bow
  • Stone Sniper
  • Bronze Shooter
  • Steel Arrow
  • Holy Emit
  • Mythril Aim
  • Dark Attrition
  • Earth Sniper
  • Mitra Arc
  • Crystal Arrow


  • Stone Club
  • Wooden Staff
  • Bronze Spike
  • Steel Mace
  • Earth Club
  • Mythril Flanged Mace
  • Mitra Randello
  • Crystal Mace
  • Dark Thorn

The weapons listed above can show up with less than four stars, but their stats are lower. Even so, lower-tier weapons can still get the job done. Weapon tiers primarily matter on the more difficult content. When playing through Mitrasphere normally, however, players shouldn’t worry too much, as the regular gear they find should suffice to deal with most threats.

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Mitrasphere is available now on Android and iOS.


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