Teen Mom OG: Mackenzie McKee Called Out For Poor Parenting In TikTok

Mackenzie McKee from Teen Mom OG was recently called out for poor parenting on TikTok. The mom of three is no stranger to her parenting journey being under public watch. Her time on screen was certainly training grounds for the criticism and praise of the public. Mackenzie started her journey as a parent on the reality series. Like most proud parents, Mackenzie shared clips and pictures of her children on her social media accounts. Mackenzie’s TikTok of her sons was not well received, and she was called out for poor parenting.

Mackenzie appeared on 16 And Pregnant in 2011. The MTV documentary series showed the young mother’s life and journey to parenthood. Fans would think the 26-year old mom would seem to already have the hang of parenthood. Reactions to Mackenzie’s parenting skills are causing fans to think again. 

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Mackenzie posted a video on TikTok showing her sons climbing the kitchen counter. Mackenzie appeared to be enjoying herself without a care in the world while her children danced their way onto the countertop. Not only were Mackenzie and her two sons dancing around the kitchen, but her dog also played with a tennis ball in the clip. The dancing was inspired by Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” which could be heard blasting in the background. Mackenzie filled her followers in with, “In case [you’re] wondering what my [household] looks like on the daily.” She added, “Idc we have fun in life.” The Teen Mom OG followers were not pleased with what they saw in the clip. One commented, “You let your kids climb on the counters???” Another comment read, “Ever since my son broke his hand climbing on counters, it gives me anxiety.

This would not be the first time Mackenzie came under fire for something she posted on social media. Mackenzie was also in the public eye after coming under scrutiny for racially charged comments made about Vice President Kamala Harris. While she expressed that it was a learning experience for her, fans were so upset that they wanted Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom OG

No stranger to backlash, Mackenzie was called out for poor parenting. Her seemingly innocent video dancing in the kitchen did not sit well with her followers. Other parents even chimed in about their experiences with children getting hurt from climbing on counters. The Teen Mom OG star has since responded to the backlash and expressed that she is a serious mom, “A lot of you are pretty pressed about me not being a serious mom. This one I’m totally not sorry about.

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