Seth Rogen Without A Beard Looks Way Different In Pam & Tommy Set Photos

Actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen looks shockingly different without his beard in the latest set photos from the upcoming series Pam & Tommy. Throughout his extensive career, Rogen’s name has become synonymous with a variety of things, from lucrative comedies to a deep love for marijuana to being one of the guys who inadvertently created controversy with North Korea.

Rogen’s most recent starring role is in the TV mini-series Pam & Tommy, which focuses on the troubled relationship between two of the biggest names of the early 1990s, Baywatch star and Playboy model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. Production on the limited Hulu series is currently underway, with Lily James (The Dig) starring as Anderson and Sebastian Stan (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) as Lee. The couple’s fame rose to all new heights when their sex tape was leaked online, creating the first-ever viral video in 1995. And although Anderson and Lee are known as one of the most memorable couples of the 90s, they divorced after just three years together. Both stars have long since moved on to other relationships, but Pam & Tommy is likely to renew interest in their past.

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The latest bit of insight into the production of Pam & Tommy comes courtesy of Rogen’s official Instagram account. Offering a short series of images alongside the caption “My co-stars @iamsebastianstan and @lilyjamesofficial are a lot cooler than I am,” Rogen not only let the world see how accurate casting has been for Pam & Tommy, but also what he looks like without a beard and glasses. Two of the four photos posted are of Rogen without his trademark beard and the look, along with some very 90s clothing, is enough to render Rogen practically unrecognizable. Check out all the images in the post below:

Rogen’s character in Pam & Tommy is electrician/former porn star Rand Gauthier, the man who is widely acknowledged to have stolen Anderson and Lee’s sex tape after he’d been hired to do work on Lee’s home. There’s a definite smarmy vibe to the character’s overall look and for Rogen’s fans as well as those who are curious to see what Pam & Tommy has to offer, it appears that Rogen could very well end up being one of the highlights of the series. The importance of his beard has been a point of discussion for Rogen, who previously told Jerry Seinfeld in a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode that he originally grew a beard to hide the fact that he doesn’t have a chin.

At present, no official release date has been chosen for Pam & Tommy. However, judging by these recent images, there’s going to be plenty to look forward to. For anyone who lived through the 90s and was a fan of either Mötley Crüe or Baywatch, it will certainly be bizarre to see the notorious story of the couple’s sex tape come to life with the likes of Stan, James, and Rogen. And if something as seemingly minor as Rogen shaving his beard can provide such an intriguing twist to the mini-series’ casting, then Pam & Tommy could turn out to be filled with surprises.

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