Pokémon Unite: Snorlax Build Guide (Best Skills, Items & Moves)

Pokémon Unite aims to take players into a MOBA Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch. Pokémon fans have been treated to countless iterations of the world’s most successful franchise since its release in 1996. Although the game series is rooted in turn-based RPG mechanics, the franchise has also branched out into other genres of gaming. Most notably, the always-online augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go has garnered a lot of attention in the past few years.

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Pokémon Unite is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game where players join one of two teams with five Pokémon each. Not unlike established MOBAs, such as League of Legends, Pokémon Unite tasks teams with defeating AI wild Pokémon on their way to capture control points. Players will also fight the other team’s Pokémon along the path to victory. Players start each match with unevolved, base-level Pokémon that can increase its level and gain new battle moves, eventually evolving into a new form at a high enough level. Players can choose one of 20 different Pokémon, all with unique traits that, when used correctly, will lead players to a win. Just like other games in the series, and surely in the upcoming Diamond & Pearl remakes, certain builds are conducive to certain Pokémon. Here’s the best build for one of the defender characters, Snorlax.

Pokémon Unite places Pokémon in one of five roles: Attackers, Defenders, Supports, All-Rounders, and Speedsters. Snorlax is regarded as an A-tier defender character that is easy to play in the top lane. Snorlax can learn the moves Tackle, Rest, Heavy Slam, Flail, Block, Yawn, and Power Nap. Picking the right moves along the move path is essential to success. Additionally, certain held items and battle items are needed to maximize the potential of Snorlax in the arena. There are different ways to play Snorlax, but this build assures the Pokémon will be an efficient defender.

Snorlax players should get the moves Tackle, Heavy Slam, and Block along their move path. Tackle has Snorlax charge forward and deal damage while decreasing opponents’ movement speed, Heavy Slam has Snorlax slam its body down to damage enemies in an area of effect and stagger, and Block grants players a shield wall that blocks and knocks back opposing Pokémon. These three moves maximize Snorlax’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

Leftovers, Assault Vest, and Rocky Helmet are the most useful held items for Snorlax. Leftovers increase HP and heals over time while also increasing the rate of HP recovery out of combat. Assault Vest increases HP and Special Defense while granting a small Special Attack shield out of combat. Rocky Helmet increases HP and Defense while also reflecting a percentage of damage taken back to the attacking Pokémon. Finally, the Eject Button is the best Battle Item for Snorlax, as it moves Pokémon in a specified direction immediately upon activation. With this setup of moves and items for Snorlax, players will frustrate the other team with its pure tank abilities in Pokémon Unite. Just like Team Rocket in the Pokémon anime, enemy players will be blasting off again and again!

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Pokémon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch.


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