Pokémon Unite: Slowbro Build Guide (Best Skills, Items & Moves)

The newest Pokémon game, Pokémon Unite, offers players a new way to think about training up their pokémon. Slowbro, the evolution of Slowpoke, is the only pokémon currently that is both a ranged and defense-based pokémon. Due to this niche, players will have a different way to think about which skills to pick up for their Slowbro.

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Slowbro evolves from the Slowpoke at level 4, and it already comes with Water Gun and Slack Off. These skills will be improved with further levels which can go one of two ways. Each direction will fit better depending on what role the Slowbro is filling.

Water Gun can turn into either Scald or Surf when Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro at level 4. Each of these options are good. The choice depends more so on the playstyle or placement the player is having the Slowbro fill in their party.

  • Water Gun – Slowpoke shoots water at its opponent to push away, slow down, and/or stun. (Enemies will only be stunned by this attack if they are pushed as far back as possible with a fully charged shot.)
  • Scald – Slowbro blasts their opponent with hot water and leaves a painful AOE steam cloud around the target. (This attack can be upgraded to increase the AOE’s size.)
  • Surf – Slowbro summons a wave to ride on into battle which damages and knocks back enemies caught in its wake. (Can be upgraded to increase the number of waves.)

At the third level, the Slowpoke will gain the option to unlock the ability Slack Off.

  • Slack Off – Slowpoke/Slowbro gains a small amount of HP.

After this, the Slowbro also gains the passive ability Oblivious. This is an incredibly useful skill that will come up as a blue barrier around the Slowbro. This will cause it to take the damage it is experiencing slowly over time instead of in rapid succession. This will help keep Slowbro in the fight for longer and allow him to heal properly before returning.

At level six, Slowbro will gain the next decision to replace Slack Off, as either Amnesia or Telekinesis. Out of these two, Amnesia is the more useful as it will keep Slowbro on the field and increase his other special attacks. Though for a tank/distraction Slowbro, Telekinesis could be worth it.

  • Amnesia – Slowbro uses Amnesia to reduce the damage of weaker attacks against them, increases their defense, and heals Slowbro. (Can be upgraded later to increase the damage of the following special attack.)
  • Telekinesis – Slowbro can use Telekinesis to float enemies and drop them on the first hit and float them towards him on the second. (Can be upgraded to increase the firing speed and range.)

Lastly, Slowbro’s special for this game is Slowbeam.

  • Slowbeam – Slowbro uses Slowbeam as a suppression DPS. Slowbro will also gain a shield while using this attack, which makes them invulnerable.

Players can equip Slowbro, or any pokémon, with items to help them in battle. Items that the pokémon use can be specific for battle, or just something that they hold onto in case. For Slowbro, these are some of the best options available.

  • Shell Bell – (Held Item) Slowbro will regain HP anytime they make a successful move while holding this item. Increases the attack speed by 24 points and reduces move cooldowns by 4.5%.
  • Assault Vest – (Held Item) Slowbro receives a shield once they are five seconds away from combat. Increases HP by 270 points and defense speed by 42 points.
  • Rocky Helmet – (Held Item) Slowbro will deal damage to nearby opponents based on its HP after taking a certain amount of damage. Increases HP by 240 points and defense by 42 points.
  • Eject Button – (Held Item) Slowbro will instantly teleport to somewhere nearby.
  • X-Speed – (Battle Item) Slowbro’s movement speed will be increased for a short period of time.

Out of these options, players should definitely have one of the top three items equipped on their Slowbro. Shell Bell or Assault Vest for a Slowbro without a heal. Rocky Helmet for a Slowbro in need of more damaging abilities. Then pick between Eject Button or X-Speed to allow Slowbro to evade incoming attacks or disengage combat completely. Slowbro’s namesake will prove how necessary these types of items will be in battle. With the same cooldown time, X-Speed will be more useful as it won’t take up the spot in Slowbro’s hands that could be used by the other held items.

With all that covered, the playstyle should depend on what move sets and items were chosen by the player. Slowbro is uniquely versatile in a party and can cover a lot of positions. However, players should keep their stats in mind. Slowbro has low Mobility, Scoring, and Offense, while he excels with Endurance and Support. This means his best positions are to tank for the party or play a supporting role.

For a tank role, players should focus on making Slowbro not only indestructible but also attractive to their opponents. Scald will work better in this position as the damage, as long as Slowbro stays out of range, will draw in their enemies. This not only is a great damage dealer, but also something that will distract enemies from weaker members of the party. Then for the Slack Off upgrade, players should choose Telekinesis. This will allow Slowbro to damage and literally drag their opponents towards them. Adding Slowbeam will grant Slowbro even more destruction and suppression. For items, Slowbro should hold either the Assault Vest or the Rocky Helmet, to deal extra damage while protecting themselves.

For a supporting role, players should focus on granting Slowbro more speed and protection. Surf will be the better of the two Water Gun upgrades to take here. This will keep the opponents down for party members and increase the healing the party receives. Amnesia will be the better Slack Off upgrade. This will protect the Slowbro and heal them. For items, the Shell Bell and Eject Button should be their go-to.

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Pokémon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS now!


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