Love Island USA: Aimee Flores Confirms Breakup With Wes Ogsbury

Aimee Flores has now officially confirmed that her relationship with Love Island USA season 3 co-star Wes Ogsbury is over, explaining in a lengthy post why she and Wes decided to break up. Neither Aimee nor Wes were brought into the Love Island villa as OG islanders. Aimee was introduced on day three as a 26-year-old private chef from Los Angeles, California. In turn, Wes came in on day 12 as a 24-year-old football athlete from Denver, Colorado.

Aimee initially entertained a relationship with Jeremy Hershberg, but something got lost in translation between them and caused their fling to fall apart. Wes seemed interested in Cashay Proudfoot going into the show, but it quickly became to both of them that there wasn’t anything there. As fate would have it, both Aimee and Wes closed those chapters in their Love Island USA journeys at the same time, which prompted them to get to know each other better. They were ultimately still dumped from the villa, but they explored a relationship after the show.

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After so much back-and-forth between Aimee unfollowing and then following Wes again on Instagram, fans were confused about where the couple stood. Now, Aimee has taken to Twitter to clear the record: they have officially broken up. In a lengthy message tweeted by Aimee (seen below), the islander apologized for keeping fans in the dark about what was going on but also asked them to respect their privacy as they deal with this breakup. Aimee explained that she’s always been a private person but knew that her relationship with Wes would be more public. Nonetheless, Aimee wrote, “We are two young people that decided to get to know each other publicly, it didn’t work out and that’s okay. I’m thankful for the memories and wish him nothing but happiness and success.”

Aimee ended the note saying that she and Wes were open to answering questions from Love Island USA fans, but it’s not entirely clear if she and Wes will be directly answering questions together in the near future. It is always tricky for islanders to handle these social media Q&As, particularly when the main topic of conversation will be their breakup. Moreover, unlike Aimee, Wes hasn’t been too open about encouraging fan participation on his social media pages. He’s not very active on social media, and even when he’s on it, Wes seems to keep a low profile.

The fans speculating for a long time that Aimee and Wes had already broken up. However, Aimee and Wes never made anything super clear on their respective social media pages. Now, the fans have heard straight from Aimee that this particular Love Island USA relationship has ended.

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Source: Aimee Flores/Twitter


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