How James Gunn Chose Which Characters Die in The Suicide Squad

James Gunn, director of the upcoming DC film The Suicide Squad, has explained his process for choosing which characters live and which ones die. With the film hitting theaters and HBO Max imminently, fans are getting very excited to hear more about the film. In the comics and the previous film from 2016, Suicide Squad, the team members are always at risk of death. This makes the tensions for the characters very high, and hard to get attached to them too much.

The Suicide Squad is a soft reboot of the series. There are returning characters from the previous film, such as Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag, and a large ensemble of new heroes. Some new members include Polka-Dot Man, King Shark, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2, and Bloodsport. Gunn has made sure to bring in a widely colorful and strange new cast for the film, truly reaching into the deep lore of the DC Comics to have them come together to fight the alien starfish Starro. Since the characters are never safe and always at risk of death, Gunn had to make sure that he honored that. With this film, it seems like he has given the team its name.

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Now, James Gunn has described how he chose which members of the team would die. In an interview with DC Comics, he discusses the process he had while writing and how the characters’ fates fit into that. He explains how he knew that there were “a certain number of characters” that he knew would die from the start of the creative process. He then also mentions how deaths came as the writing process went on. Read what he said here:

“The way I write is I do have a basic structure of what the movie is. The structure of this movie was really about the group as a whole, but there were deaths that took me by surprise because I go into a sort of fugue state when I’m writing. Some things happened very organically. It was really about what does the story need at this point. How does it work? How do we take a turn here that’s unexpected?”

Knowing that no one is safe in this film is going to excite DC fans. Gunn seems to have taken the crucial aspects of what makes the Suicide Squad unique and fun and put that into a film, similar to how he gave a lot of love and care for the Guardians of the Galaxy films. One of the film’s taglines is “Don’t Get Too Attached,” so watching some of these characters die will be tough. Gunn seems to be giving the fans the best story he can, and having some of the characters die to serve the plot seems to be what he is going for.

None of the characters are safe from death in this film, and James Gunn has made sure of it. Bringing in the new characters and giving the film an R-rating will make the deaths more exciting and unexpected. Gunn has seemingly brought the team back for a new ride, ensuring the film deserves its rating. Fans will have to check out The Suicide Squad to see the fates of the members of the infamous team.

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Source: DC Comics


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