Golden Globes 2022 Will Still Be Awarded Despite No TV Ceremony

The 2022 Golden Globes will still be handed out despite the cancellation of the ceremony’s TV broadcast. The film and TV industry awards given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have been running since 1944 and have for years been considered a key stop on the way to the Academy Awards. The Golden Globes ceremony, which has traditionally been well-attended and widely watched, was usually held on the second Sunday of January each year.

While the HFPA has dealt with criticism of various degrees throughout its history, reports on the inner workings of the organization in early 2021 ignited a response far beyond any preceding backlash. In addition to highlighting the Golden Globes ethically dicey nominations process, the relatively small organization was revealed to contain no Black members, and Netflix, Amazon, and WarnerMedia all announced a boycott of the ceremony until they instituted meaningful reforms. With the floodgates irrevocably opened, more and more industry figures publicly protested the HFPA, and NBC eventually responded by dropping its telecast of the 2022 Golden Globes entirely.

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Despite this, Deadline reports that the HFPA is moving forward with plans to honor this year’s achievements in film and TV. The organization, which has since overhauled its leadership and inducted 21 new members with an explicit focus on cultivating diversity, sent eligibility guidelines to networks and studios on October 8. They have confirmed their new members will be allowed to vote, but there is no information as of yet on whether the ceremony itself will be held in some form, or if the usual Golden Globes statuettes will be handed out at all.

Despite this announcement, the 2022 awards season landscape will still look significantly different from previous years. Though the Golden Globes lack the prestige associated with the Academy Awards and were already known for their odd choices, the ceremony was notable for its comparably relaxed atmosphere, which reliably attracted a live audience filled with major stars and celebrities. NBC has given the HFPA’s customary timeslot to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, but the show’s spot along the Oscars trail remains wide open, with industry experts eager to see if any of the other awards shows can capture the same level of public attention.

As they work to rehab their image, the HFPA has clearly recognized that a year of being entirely absent from the headlines would hurt any potential comeback, but their battle was never with public awareness. NBC’s broadcast of the ceremony requires the attendance of celebrity heavyweights to attract the viewership they’re accustomed to, and the backlash against the awards body was so profound that stars like Tom Cruise sent past Golden Globes back in protest. Even if they do take genuine steps in the direction of reform, it will be difficult to convince Hollywood that their ceremony should ever be such a prominent industry event again, especially if the Critics’ Choice or SAG Awards manage to fill the void in 2022.

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Source: Deadline


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