Fallout 4 Doom Guy Armor Mod Looks Better Than Creation Club Version

A modder of Fallout 4 has created in-game armor based on DOOM’s titular protagonist, Doom Guy (now more commonly known as the Doom Slayer). The mod joins a previously offered Doom Guy armor set available for Fallout 4 players through developer Bethesda Game Studios’ Creation Club system.

Bethesda launched the Creation Club 2017. It allows players to purchase credits, which can then be used to buy supplemental mods, all of which are entirely funded by Bethesda. As a result, the program works like a freelance marketplace, although in-house Bethesda mods are also available through the Creation Club. While Bethesda received criticism for the mechanic due to its transactional element amid a world of free mods, Creation Club Creators have to go through a development cycle that closely mirrors the process used for Bethesda’s own employees. As a result, the offered mods are well-polished. However, it looks like a Fallout 4 modder could be giving Bethesda a run for its money when it comes to downloadable DOOM armor.

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Created by AthenaX (via PC Gamer), “THE DOOM GUY” is a free-to-download and meticulously detailed Doom Guy armor mod available for Fallout 4 players through Nexus Mods. The mod comes with Doom Guy’s trademark helmet and suit, but also a complete set of combat armor that can be forged in light, medium, and heavy variants. That being said, the modder posted that the variants require forging some extra materials in order “to balance the game a little because the armor, especially the heavy version, makes you very [powerful].” It’s rendered in 4k as well, save for one undisclosed texture.

AthenaX posted they created their mod from scratch, using programs like 3DSMax, Nifskope, and Outfit Studio to bring the outfit to life. It appears their efforts were successful – AthenaX’s mod looks far more detailed than its Creation Club counterpart. The free mod’s colors are appealingly deeper shades of green, and the suit’s life-like tarnishes are a call to the Doom Slayer’s adventures fighting hordes of enemies. If anything, AthenaX’s Doom Guy armor mod just looks better equipped for intense combat, unlike the Creation Club’s tattered, midriff-showing alternative.

Whether AthenaX’s mod is better than Bethesda’s version is up to personal taste, but it’s hard to say no to a mod that is free. For those who are more interested in retro DOOM designs, perhaps the purchasable Creation Club version has greater appeal. Either way, it’s simply cool to see Doom Guy, one of gaming’s iconic heroes, battle his way through a game outside his franchise. Compared to the monsters of the underworld, Fallout 4’s ghouls probably feels like child’s play.

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Sources: AthenaX/Nexus Mods, PC Gamer; Header Image: AthenaX/Nexus Mods


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