DOOM 2 Mod Turns the Classic FPS Into a Fighting Game

A recently released PC mod titled Doom Fighters reimagines id Software’s DOOM II as a retro brawler. A classic, genre-defining shooter, the DOOM sequel originally launched in 1994 and has since gone on to inspire countless interactive experiences. Naturally, many a modder has taken it upon themselves to tinker with the game, making way for a wide variety of creative adventures.

One mod, in particular, launched earlier this year, allowing users to jump into a DOOM 2-centric survival horror game, Total Chaos. It took modder Wadaholic about 17 years to fully convert DOOM 2 into a horror experience, complete with detailed environments, striking ambient lighting, and a host of new graphical features. Other recent mods, such as Doom4: Death Foretold, heightens the already intense gameplay by throwing the franchise’s modern jumping mechanics into the mix. Another popular creation, Pillowblaster’s The Guncaster, sees users assume the role of a magic-wielding dragon. Needless to say, fans of the seminal FPS title have yet to run out of ideas.

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Over the weekend, modder edy pagaza (via PC Gamer) uploaded Doom Fighters to Mod DB for PC players who own any version of the DOOM 2 campaign. Upon accessing the mod, fans will dive headfirst into a retro 3D brawler that pulls back the camera and strips the Slayer of his guns. It’s, thus, a game of good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs (and the Crucible blade), as the Slayer pummels demons and other foes without a care in the world. The creator plans to unleash more updates for Doom Fighters in the future, which should introduce destructible environments, executions, new weapons, and alternate deaths. See the mod in action in the following trailer:

In truth, DOOM wouldn’t make for a bad 3D fighter, evidenced by how cool edgy pagaza’s mod looks. It seems the chaos of id Software’s beloved brand perfectly befits the genre, even in this relatively barebones state. Who knows how else future patches for Doom Fighters will further expand upon the experience?

3D beat ’em ups were especially popular but have since fallen out of favor. To the delight of many, 2D beat ’em ups are making a comeback, with Streets of Rage 4 and the re-release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game counting among the most notable examples in recent memory.

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DOOM II’s Doom Fighters mod is avialble to play now on PC via Mod DB.

Source: Mod DB via PC Gamer, edy pagaza/YouTube


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