Deadpool Gets The Perfect New Sidekick in Marvel Comics

Warning: Contains major spoilers for Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #1!

Deadpool typically isn’t anyone’s favorite partner in Marvel ComicsIn fact, most heroes try to avoid him as often as possible. However, in Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #1, the merc with a mouth finally has a team-up that is completely worthwhile to both parties involved. Deadpool’s perfect sidekick is Gabby Kinney – AKA Honeybadger or Scout.

Gabby Kinney is one of very few clones of Laura Kinney (Wolverine) that have survived. She was created by Alchemax, though she eventually was taken to live with Laura. She has since been living in Krakoa, trying – and struggling – to fit in with the X-Men and other mutants inhabiting the island. Thus far, she is one of the only heroes able to put up with Deadpool. In fact, the two are rather good friends, which may strike many as being a bit surprising. After all, Wade regularly gets on Wolverine’s nerves and Gabby is rather young to be hanging out with such a violent and bizarre antihero, with one 2016 series revealing that she was thirteen within it.

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“Red All Over” has the creative team of Tom Taylor, Phil Noto, and VC’s Joe Sabino. This story features Gabby and Deadpool teaming up after both Wolverine and Spider-Man ignore the mercenary’s calls. Immediately, the two make a great pair as Gabby insists that they are best friends and she should be the first person Deadpool calls for help. These ragtag misfits come together to stop zombie animals – a task they have undertaken before. Even though Deadpool would seem like the worst person to pair with a young mutant, this partnership pays off. This particular instance reveals just how perfect a sidekick Gabby is to Wade.

For starters, Deadpool can’t really scar Gabby very much at this point in her life. She is a clone of Wolverine that was created to kill, who HAS killed before. Violence is no stranger to her. While Deadpool’s methods may be messy, it isn’t a major reason for the two to not work together. Gabby’s a clone of Laura – who was once thought to be a clone of Wolverine. Deadpool is always trying to hang out with the original Wolverine – so it’s really a win-win situation. This is particularly true since Gabby’s much less irritated by Wade, allowing him to have the Wolverine friendship he has missed out on for so long. Additionally, Gabby and Deadpool bring out the best in each other and understand each other like no one else seems to. After taking down a zombie zebra, Gabby reveals that she sees herself in it – a weapon made in a lab – which Deadpool easily relates to. To make her feel better, the mercenary decides to make a more personal call to the man responsible for the zebra.

Instead of leaving a trail of bodies on the way up the corporate building, Gabby’s able to talk her way in without a problem. Ultimately, Deadpool still has to murder the man since he has no remorse for his actions, but not without excusing the Wolverine clone from the room and sparing her the sight of the action. Kids seemingly bring out the best in Deadpool and return some of his humanity, but Honey Badger doesn’t prevent him from being the murder machine that he has been made into. Besides, she also doesn’t hesitate to amputate a potentially zombie virus-infected limb from Wade to save him (though he likely doesn’t need it) – all for the sake of true friendship. Deadpool and Honey Badger make a great team and if the merc with a mouth ever needs a legitimate sidekick, it should absolutely be her.

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