DC Confirms Robin and Superboy Are Ready to Surpass Their Fathers

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Robin #4 and Superman: Son of Kal-El #1

In the latest issue of DC’s Robin, as well as in the brand new series Superman: Son of Kal-El, it’s been confirmed that both Damian Wayne and Jon Kent will become far greater than their fathers Batman and Superman. The Super Sons are growing up, and it’s very likely that they will not only inherit the roles of their parents but will also surpass them to become even greater heroes. This idea is even confirmed by some of DC’s greatest heroes (as well as one of DC’s greatest villains).

In the latest issue of Robin from Joshua Williamson and Jorge Corona, Damian Wayne had been fighting Connor Hawke, the son of Green Arrow and his chief rival in the Lazarus Tournament. However, while Hawke proved to be victorious, Damian was saved from any major injuries thanks to his pet dragon bat Goliath, who took him to a nearby island where Ra’s al Ghul had been hiding out, contemplating his recent defeats. While the former Robin did receive some training from his grandfather, he eventually grew impatient and left the island. However, al Ghul made the comment that while Damian is both Demon (Ra’s) and Detective (Batman), he’s actually something greater than the two of them combined.

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Meanwhile, Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 from Tom Taylor and John Timms reveals that on the day of Jon Kent’s birth, Batman and Wonder Woman were in attendance to make sure the Kent family would be safe. While Wonder Woman had already told Jon’s parents that he could become the greatest hero of all time due to being the product of both Superman and Lois Lane, Batman confirmed as much with tests that he ran, revealing that Jon’s could be “more” than his father on a physical level. Now that the former Superboy has grown up to become his own Superman, Jon seems primed to surpass the original Man of Steel very soon.

It’s no accident that Robin #4 and Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 were released on the same day. After Robin left his grandfather, he headed to Corto Maltese. Sure enough, that’s where Jon found Robin investigating the Lazarus Tournament in the first issue of the new Superman series, and they spoke about Jon’s future and who he wanted to be. It seems as though both Damian and Jon know that they’re destined for greatness and that the new Superman wants to be a different and better Man of Steel.

While it looks as though Damian still has a ways to go in his own vigilante career before he potentially takes on the cape and cowl from Batman (if ever), Jon is already primed to take after his father as the next Superman, especially if the original dies in upcoming issues as has been recently teased. In any case, whatever Robin and the new Superman become, there seems to be an awful lot of confidence that they’ll be far better, surpassing the greatness of their fathers and those who came before in the DC Universe.

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