Chucky Can Drop 10 F-Bombs Per Episode In Child’s Play Show

The upcoming USA Network and SYFY series, Chucky, will allow the famed serial killer doll to drop 10 F-bombs per episode. After over thirty years of Chucky wreaking havoc on victims both young and old, the film franchise is branching out into TV with its first ever series, set for release on October 12th. The series will take a different direction from the more recent installments of the film franchise, leaving some fans to wonder if it can measure up.

When it was first announced that the Child’s Play IP was shifting to the small screen back in 2019, much conjecture took place among fans as to what the series would be like. Today, many of those same questions are being asked, but with the full cast now revealed, numerous Chucky images released, and a teaser trailer already delivered (with a full trailer on its way in the coming days), the picture of what sort of program Chucky will be has become much clearer. Still, despite this information, the idea that something could be lost in the transition from big to small screen is a real concern for many. Past TV adaptations of horror film franchises haven’t always done justice to their source material, and when it comes to a horror IP as beloved and niche as Child’s Play is, fans can and will be protective.

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Thankfully, one aspect of Chucky that won’t differ from the film series is the little guy’s potty mouth. In a recent interview with EW, Child’s Play and Chucky creator, Don Mancini, made it clear that he’s on the same page as fans when it comes to ensuring that Chucky remains the same as he’s always been. Part of what this means is that the killer doll will still drop F-bombs and that USA and SYFY have given the green light to having Chucky utter a maximum of ten F-bombs per episode. For Mancini, that’s plenty. Read what the creator said below:

Syfy and USA have a strong appetite, as strong as ours, for keeping the TV series tonally in check with what the fans want to see. Before we even sold the show, we had to confirm with the network that Chucky could drop his F-bombs. Chucky gets 10 F-bombs per episode, so that’s more than enough. It made me want to do an episode where Chucky, without ever having said anything off-color, at the end of the episode, he just turns to the camera and goes, ‘F—, f—, f—, f—, f—, f—, f—, f—, f—.’ It’s the inverse of the way Spielberg used Chucky in his cameo in Ready Player One. Since that was a PG-13, they had one mandated F-bomb at their disposal and Spielberg chose to deploy it with Chucky’s appearance, which I loved.

The plot of the new series hasn’t fully been explained yet, but what is known is that it focuses on a bullied gay teenage boy named Jake (Zachary Arthur) who discovers a Good Guy doll at a local yard sale. Once in his possession, Chucky begins to get up to his old tricks again, the likes of which serve to expose the town’s hypocrisies and hidden issues. Past cast members from the films will reveal themselves throughout the series and all in all, Chucky sounds like it could be one of the more promising avenues for the decades old franchise.

Of course, simply because Chucky will permit the sadistic doll to curse doesn’t mean the TV series will be a winner. But having the tone remain consistent is one of the most important aspects for the program. With that out of the way, all that’s left is a need for the episodes to be well-written and engaging – something that can’t be guaranteed either way at present. For what it’s worth as of this writing, however, Chucky already looks like it could be a winner.

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Source: EW


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