Bachelorette: Why Post-Credit Greg & Katie Montage Fell Flat With Fans

Fans were shocked by Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo’s dramatic breakup on the latest episode of The Bachelorette, but it was the post-credit scene that had them truly befuddled. Though fans had mixed feelings about Greg’s departure, when ABC decided to cap off the episode with a montage of Greg and Katie’s relationship, viewers near-unanimously agreed the scene was extremely weird and out of place. It’s unclear what ABC was trying to accomplish with the montage, but based on the robust response from fans, the post-credit scene was a swing and a miss.

Greg was an early frontrunner who got lots of reassurance from Katie from night one. Katie gave Greg her first impression rose and in the next episode he scored the first one-on-one date. He was later the first person to get two one-on-one dates. Katie was also open with him about her feelings towards him, only stopping short of telling Greg she is in love. So, it was surprising when Greg majorly spiraled during hometowns. Greg picked an argument with Katie that had many fans calling him a gaslighter riddled with red flags, and some even suspected he was looking for an eject button after getting in too deep.

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Katie and Greg’s fight was epic and culminated in Greg leaving and Katie desperate for a flight home. It was a dramatic and, to some, triggering scene, and viewers were eager for some lighthearted after-credits content. But what they got was an odd video montage of Katie and Greg’s brief relationship. Many fans felt the montage had an in-memoriam feel to it, and were half expecting an “RIP Greg banner” at the end (via @iamem89). Others referred to it as a “Katie and Greg eulogy,” and the Greg Twitter memes were flowing once again (via @vicster_091).

Though many fans were quick to crack wise about the strange “funeral service video,” some felt the scene was misplaced after the toxic behavior that was just on display (via BGaytion). “Instead of an homage to Katie and Greg’s relationship…the producers at @BacheloretteABC should have shown contact details for support for any woman who is in an emotionally abusive relationship,” a fan suggested (via @apollosmith5). Greg Grippo still has his supporters, but for a lot of viewers, his actions and attitude were very problematic. Such fans aren’t sure whether the ending montage was supposed to be heartfelt or funny and feel both are equally inappropriate.

There are many fans of The Bachelorette who think Katie was at fault in the argument, even more who think Greg was in the wrong, and some who think they were both doing a poor job communicating. However, if there’s one thing viewers agreed on, it was how baffled they were by the post-credit montage. After Katie’s season, Greg Grippo may find he has far fewer fans in his corner than he did earlier on, but at least the producers’ head-scratching post-credit scene took some of the spotlight off of him.

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