10 Characters Fans Want to See in My Hero: One’s Justice 2 DLC

Despite being released over a year ago, the 3D arena fighter based on popular shonen anime My Hero AcademiaMy Hero: One’s Justice 2 has maintained a dedicated community of players. Following the release of the first “season” of downloadable characters, Bandai Namco has announced a second season of DLC beginning with villain duo Gentle & La Brava and 1-C student Hitoshi Shinso.

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The three remaining characters have yet to be revealed, and fans hope that their favorite characters will be the next to be added. Fan consensus is that the remaining characters will be relevant to storylines planned to be implemented into the game.

10 Present Mic

Despite his inclusion as the game’s announcer, excitable loudmouth Pro Hero Present Mic has not been added as a playable character. Redditor badwolfpelle questions his absence from the roster, calling him “long overdue.”

Present Mic’s Quirk allows him to crank up the volume on his voice and assault his opponents with soundwaves. Loud enough to make your ears bleed even at a distance, his Quirk would make him particularly suited for a zoning-type character. Although this could make him a similar fighter to 1-A’s Kyoka Jiro, regarded as one of the best fighters in the One’s Justice game, Present Mic remains a fan-favorite pick for addition to the roster.

9 Neito Monoma

Neito Monoma would make a natural addition to the roster alongside his fellow 1-B classmates, the Kaminari-alike Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and class rep Itsuka Kendo. Monoma’s incredibly powerful and unique Quirk allows him to copy his opponent’s Quirk for 10 minutes. There are some limits to this power, however; he can only maintain four copied Quirks, and can only use one at a time. Additionally, he can’t copy all Quirks; Deku’s One For All, for example, would be off-limits.

With all these caveats in mind, it’s easy to see why the developers might choose a character with a more standard moveset. However, Redditor Rezboy209 maintains that although Monoma would be difficult to implement, “he could be a top tier character.”

8 Midnight

Pro Hero and UA teacher Midnight is memorable for her flirtatious and sadistic nature. Also known as the R-Rated Hero for her sexy theme and skin-tight getup, Midnight’s Quirk allows her to induce sleep in her opponents with an aroma that emanates from her skin. Redditor Marsupilami_316 remarks that it’s “odd” that she isn’t in the base game, as she’s “one of the most famous heroes.”

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Midnight’s Quirk might seem similar to Camie Utsushimi at first glance, but Midnight’s unique weapons could lead to an interesting implementation. With a shorter flogger, a longer bullwhip, and a pair of feathered fans, Midnight moveset could include “keep-away” moves like Tsuyu Asui’s Frog Arrow as well as close-range stunning attacks like Momo Yaoyorozu’s sword attacks.

7 Yuga Aoyama

Often regarded as the class clown of 1-A, Yuga Aoyama is a fan-favorite character for his flamboyant personality. Aoyama’s Quirk allows him to shoot a powerful laser from his navel–so powerful, in fact, that it can penetrate solid concrete. Although using his Quirk for too long gives him a stomachache, he has trained to increase his endurance and has implemented technology into his costume to reinforce his Quirk.

Fans marvel that Aoyama has yet to be added to the game alongside his 1-A classmates. With a surprisingly wide variety of attacks (including a “Navel Saber” and a powerful charged beam), his inclusion seems like a no-brainer. Redditor LavenderLullabies points out that Aoyama “would be hard to balance in a way that’s fun for both people playing him and those playing against him,” which could make for an interesting and challenging character build.

6 Hood

Fans have speculated that the next villain to be added to the roster will be Hood, the primary antagonist of the Pro Hero Arc and the first High-End Nomu. More intelligent than a standard-issue Nomu, Hood would make a formidable foe for Pro Heroes Hawks and Endeavor, who have already been released as DLC. Redditor tiesHatake agrees that Hood would make a good choice as a villain and that he has a “nice impact on the story.”

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Hood’s abilities are distinct from your garden-variety Nomu. Possessing six Quirks, he was even able to outmatch Pro Heroes singlehandedly. While most of his Quirks are undoubtedly similar to those already present in the game, his sheer power and unique set of abilities set him apart as a clear choice for fans for the next villain.

5 Mt. Lady

Redditor PhemSee sums it up when they say, “if [the developers add] best girl–no, the best character Mt. Lady into One’s Justice then I will literally cry tears of joy and die from sheer happiness.” Mt. Lady’s Quirk allows her to grow to a gigantic size. She is unable, however, to modulate between her normal, human-sized height and her gigantic height.

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While incredibly popular, Mt. Lady’s inclusion in the game as a playable character is up in the air due to the nature of her Quirk. “Her Quirk makes it hard to be in an arena fighter, so that is against her,” admits Redditor CoyoteCharles2. However, Shiketsu’s Camie Utsushimi uses gigantism as a mirage in her Plus Ultra attack, so it’s hard to completely rule Mt. Lady out as an addition to the roster.

4 Mashirao Ojiro

Martial arts characters are a staple of fighting games; think Ryu from Street Fighter, Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, and Kazuya from Tekken. Is it any wonder, then, that fans are clamoring for the addition of calm and bashful martial artist Mashirao Ojiro to the roster?

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His Quirk, a muscular prehensile tail, is strong enough to support his body weight and would make him a unique addition as a melee fighter. Ojiro also excels in aerial and acrobatic techniques, setting him apart from the existing melee-focused characters in the game. Redditor Kwesi_Hopkins concedes that “a lot of people say he doesn’t have a moveset,” but that Ojiro’s martial arts abilities give the developers plenty of opportunities to innovate.

3 Toru Hagakure

While some fans balk at the idea of including Toru Hagakure as a playable character in a fighting game, others see her utility. Redditor MrPapaya22 admits, “I have absolutely no clue how Hagakure would work. [She] would either really suck or be ridiculously OP.”

Often regarded as one of the worst Quirks in the series, Hagakure’s Quirk grants her invisibility. Additionally, she can refract light at will, allowing her to temporarily blind her opponents. While these abilities on their own might not make her a natural addition to the roster, a moveset based on evading and landing lighter-hitting combos on enemies could be a unique implementation.

2 Hanta Sero

As the winner of a poll on r/BnHAOnesJustice about which characters deserve to be DLC, it would make sense to expect Hanta Sero to have a particularly unique Quirk that allows him to fight in new and interesting ways. Unfortunately, his Quirk lends itself well to a moveset similar to those of Tsuyu Asui, Eraserhead, and Hitoshi Shinso.

Sero’s Quirk allows him to shoot tape-like strips from his elbows, which can be used for mobility and combat. As Redditor FezboyJr puts it: “As much as I’d like to see him he’d just be another [character] that mostly wraps up enemies.” However, Sero has been shown to create traps and barricades with his tape, making him stand out among the existing roster.

1 Mirko

In a separate r/BnHAOnesJustice poll, Mirko won by an overwhelming margin against other popular characters. Insanely popular since her debut, she has quickly become a fan-favorite character. Her fans hope for her inclusion in the next DLC pack, despite her lack of involvement in pertinent anime story arcs.

Mirko’s Quirk gives her the attributes and abilities of a rabbit. With powerful legs, excellent hearing, and remarkable agility, Mirko is a formidable fighter. Her skills have landed her the No. 5 Pro Hero spot, and a place in the hearts of fans. As Redditor theholguin says, “Hopefully they’ll make an exception from her popularity in the fanbase alone.”

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