The Ascent: PC Performance Review

he Ascent game has arrived on Xbox and PC, with the ascent PC release complete we are diving deep into the technology. With a quick look at the Xbox Series X version. We have DirectX12 and Direct 11 Versions to cover across AMD and Nvidia GPUs. How does it run, what is going on with the DX12 version and what settings should you use? And how many Origami birds can you find? All that and much more inside. Chapters
0:00 Intro
0:36 Tech & Design
2:51 Sound Design and Execution
4:01 PC Performance – Nvidia Specs
5:02 Day 1 Patch Changes
5:32 DLSS Comparison and Performance
7:25 DX12 Ray Tracing Performance
9:26 DX12 vs Dx11 Performance
11:30 Loading tests DX11 vs DX12
12:09 AMD Specs and Tests
13:26 Best Settings PC & Summary


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