Jupiter’s Legacy: Season 1 Ending Explained

Full spoilers follow! Based on the acclaimed comic series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy explores the saga of six Americans, who are granted superpowers by a mysterious cosmic force. The season finale, titled “How It All Ends,” answers a big question from the premiere, revealing, at the same time, the nefarious mind behind all of the Union’s current strife. Let’s use a bit of super-vision and dive into the ending of Season 1 and look at the big brain-bending twist that happened during the final minutes. A villain was revealed, but it wasn’t who the series had been teasing… Not to get into the weeds too much here, but it’s important to touch on the crappy crucible Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) and the others had to endure in order to get their powers. Especially since Brandon (Andrew Horton) and Chloe (Elena Kampouris), Sheldon and Grace’s (Leslie Bibb) super-offspring, know the story very well and actively address how the Union elders see their powers more as a gift because of what they went through to obtain them. Anyhow, Sheldon — with brother Walter (Ben Daniels), BFF George (Matt Lanter), future wife Grace, factory worker Fitz (Mike Wade), and doctor Richard Conrad (David Julian Hirsh) — went through hell and back to get their prize, never once knowing what was at the end of their journey or whether or not it was all a delusion or deathtrap from the start. Sheldon began seeing visions, as well as his dead father, shortly after his father’s funeral, and after learning precise coordinates and being shown who was to accompany him on his quest, sailed into the heart of a living storm with his brave band of fools. Eventually, after nearly turning on each other every step of the way, the gang trekked across a phantom island and learned that they weren’t the first cluster of six to have been called to this unmapped location. For the rest of the story, watch the full ending explained video!


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