Rick and Morty Head to Akihabara to Fix a Toaster in Latest Anime Short

Rick and Morty


The Rick and Morty Halloween anime short was released today and sees the duo travel to the wonderful hell that is Tokyo's Akihabara district to collect a screw from Rick's Past Gadgets Lab. While Rick decries what the city has become in the 30 years he's been away (seriously, why did they get rid of the basketball court?), Morty enjoys the marvels that Akihabara has to offer. 



The short was produced at Sola Entertainment under the direction of Masaru Matsumoto (director of the Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars film), with a script written by Naohiro Fukushima (Sayonara, Tyranno). The CG, which makes up a lot of the episode, was done at YAMATOWORKS, INC, with Morihito Abe (Batman Ninja) as the CGI Director. The Japanese cast of Rick and Morty reprise their roles.


Previously anime shorts for Rick and Morty saw the duo traversing feudal Japan fighting samurai, Morty looking for Rick around Tokyo, and a giant robot homage with hints of Evangelion and Voltron.


Source: Adult Swim on YouTube


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