Official HIGE DANdism’s Tokyo Revengers OP Theme Tops Spring 2021 TV Anime Karaoke Ranking



Japanese karaoke company Daiichikosho conducted a karaoke ranking survey of theme songs for the spring 2021 TV anime on its karaoke on-demand service, DAM (Daiichikosho Amusement Multimedia) from April 1 to June 30, 2021. More than 80 new TV anime were aired the spring 2021, and more than 100 theme/insert/character songs from those title were sung at DAM nationwide.


The most popular song among Japanese karaoke users was "Cry Baby," the OP theme for Tokyo Revengers performed by The four-member Japanese rock band Official HIGE DANdism. The anime's ED theme song "Koko de Iki wo Shite" by eill also raked fourth, showing the anime's strong popularity in Japan.


Check out the top 10 ranking below to see how popular your favorite anime theme song was in Japanese karaoke!





1. "Cry Baby" Official HIGE DANdism (Tokyo Revengers OP theme)



2. "No.1" DISH// (My Hero Academia 5th season 1st cour OP theme)



3. "Imperfect" Masayoshi Oishi (SSSS.DYNAZENON OP theme)



4. "Koko de Iki wo Shite" eill (Tokyo Revengers ED theme) 



5. "Shake & Shake" Sumika (Pretty Boy Detective Club OP theme)



6. "Taiga yo Tomo ni Naite Kure" Franchouchou (ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE OP theme) 



7. "TOMORROW" BiSH (Kingdom 3rd season OP theme)



8. "ZEAL of proud" Roselia (CARDFIGHT VANGUARD overDress OP theme) 



9. "Soul salvation" Megumi Hayashibara (Shaman King OP)



10. "Ashiato" the peggies (My Hero Academia 5th season 1st cour ED theme)




Source: Daiichikosho press release


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