FEATURE: My Hero Academia is an Important Part of My Workout

All Might and Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia


Izuku Midoriya’s journey in My Hero Academia is nothing short of quintessential battle action fun. Between impeccable animation, inspiring character development, and sweeping emotional soundtracks, My Hero Academia pumps me up with every episode and each new season. I’m always motivated by Deku’s ambitions and the growth of the prospective heroes of Class 1-A. It’s for exactly that reason I don’t watch My Hero Academia on time on Saturday and save it for my workout week when it starts on Monday, instead.


When it comes to keeping up with any anime, it’s only natural for fans like us to want to stream the latest episodes as soon as we can to keep abreast of all the excitement. This is especially true when it comes to My Hero Academia, one of the most popular ongoing action anime in recent memory. Normally, the show is there to spice up a Saturday morning, much like the cartoon blocks of yesteryear. But the very nature of Izuku’s story, a young boy who trains hard and overcomes insurmountable odds while trying to achieve his dream, makes for a better pre-workout in my book than any energy drink.



My workout regimen typically goes through Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On each day, I try to focus on different areas of my body that I want to keep fit. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I wring myself out with some stretching and yoga to recover and stay limber for the next day. Of course, the only thing more important than how I work out is the music and media I workout with. That includes a playlist filled with anime openings and video game soundtracks — and when My Hero Academia is airing, the show kicks off my mood like no other.


It’s become something of a tradition whenever a new season pops up. I carve out a little time before jumping into a workout on Monday to check out the latest episode that aired over the weekend. And almost without fail, the episode’s action and emotional stakes provide more than enough hype to help kick off my workout week right. This new season is especially good at keeping things moving and getting my blood pumping.



In the latest installments, Class 1-A of UA Academy is facing off against Class 1-B. Both classes of prospective heroes pit their Quirks against each other in an intense joint training session. As the matches between each class are underway, seeing how our favorite student heroes have grown with their Quirks as they face off against the odds is nothing short of uplifting. Even side characters like Tokoyami and Kaminari get their chance to shine as we get a glimpse of how much they’ve grown throughout the series while main protagonists like Deku have been off on their own adventures. Regardless of who wins or loses each match, I look forward to seeing how far 1-A has come on their way to becoming reputable heroes. That in itself gets my pulse-pounding even before I pick up my first weights on Monday. 



Of course, I don’t necessarily lack proper anime workout material whenever My Hero Academia is between seasons. But you can be sure I still weave in the show in any way I can. From time to time, I find myself rewatching epic scenes from the anime like All Might’s United States of Smash or Deku’s fight against Overhaul. In my workout playlists, I certainly weave in some My Hero Academia songs like “You Say Run,” “Hero A,” or literally any of the opening themes. Even when I’m all caught up on the anime and have to wait a while for the next season, these epic and emotional songs make sure that My Hero Academia remains part of my workout routine all year long. 


It’s hard not to be inspired by Izuku and the Class of 1-A after they’ve overcome so much on the way to fulfilling their respective dreams. As our heroes become stronger with every new season, I’m always driven to join them in several ways. That includes my regular workout regimen. If I’m not always caught up on the show when it updates each week, that’s most certainly on purpose. Otherwise, my workouts wouldn’t feel the same without My Hero Academia


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