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Anime Ltd started out as a consultancy company ran by Andrew Partridge and since has grown into something completely different. Their blog is an updated blog about all thing anime.


Ghibli on Vinyl

By Andrew Osmond. The treasure trove of Ghibli vinyl soundtracks released by Anime Limited represent the composer-director relationship in anime. Joe Hisaishi has written music for Hayao Miyazaki for nearly forty years. Whenever you...



By Andrew Osmond. Inuyasha is an adventure; it’s both an action show and a romcom, and it’s one of the most successful anime to cross male and female demographics. It’s also a monster show,...


The Deer King

By Jonathan Clements. Supposedly, life has returned to normal in the lands of Aquafa, but there are still unwelcome echoes of the past. The Empire of Zol maintains garrisons of soldiers on Aquafan territory,...


Books: Orienting

By Jonathan Clements. Priyanka Yoshikawa (Miss Japan 2016) “My stay here has been so short,” said Rabindranath Tagore to Japanese students in 1916, “that one may think I have not earned my right to...



By Helen McCarthy. The mascot characters of the Tokyo Olympics are Miraitowa and Someity, selected from over 2000 entries in an open competition over four years ago, and spattered over every conceivable surface, screen...


Lupin III The First

by Jeremy Clarke. A character with a long history in Japan in anime, manga artist Monkey Punch’s celebrated gentleman thief Arsène Lupin III is a descendant of the character created by Frenchman Maurice Leblanc...